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Free Educational Articles

 Colin Nicholson's website is choc full of valuable information on investing and analysis. At the end of 2019 Colin will no longer be taking subscriptions or updating the website but it will be available in a "frozen" form.

Colin is best known from his monthly articles on charting and the psychology of investing in AFR Smart Investor Magazine. His books Building Wealth in the Stock Market and Think Like the Great Investors are available from his website or any good bookshop.

Colin website offers free educational articles on various aspects of investing, and analysis. His free access website has over 1000 questions and answers.

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Insight Trader


Welcome to Insight Trading, developers of Insight Trader, the premier Australian designed package for market analysis and investment.

Click here to see Why Insight Trader is so far in front of the competition. And remember Insight Trader software is fully Windows 10 compliant.

Inisight Trader Offers Charting, Systems Testing & Portfolio Management

Charting - Systems Testing - Portfolio Management

Insight Trader - Free Demonstration SoftwareFor a free demo click on the DEMO icon on the left.

For over twenty years Insight Trading has been producing software specifically designed for the Australian stock market and futures markets.

We know that your time is precious and we are therefore dedicated to providing you with the productivity tools you need to allow you to process very large amounts of information very efficiently. As an example of how we can dramatically improve your productivity you can see a chart on every company on the ASX in about one hour. You can also display up to 500 active charts simultaneously on the one screen simultaneously.

Insight Trader will automatically and consistently bring to your attention the fastest moving stocks on the exchange displaying for you the values of their compounding growth rates and the degree to which they are well behaved in terms of smooth and consistent increase in price avoiding wild erratic swings. We attempt to identify those stocks that are financially sound, well behaved and rising strongly in price using the proprietary indicators of Velocity and Behaviour that we have made global throughout the program.

Furthermore, Insight Trader will allow you to update your charts during the day by downloading snapshot files and provides tools for you to do both technical and fundamental analysis and scanning for market opportunities.

We also maintain both an adjusted data base to allow your charts to compensate for company capital restructures and an unadjusted database for portfolio management and valuation.

Breaking News:


In order to keep using Insight Trader it is essential that all users of Version 17.1 and earlier upgrade their software to Version 18.1 before 31 December 2019. Version 17.1 was released in 2007 and is already 13 years old. Accordingly these older versions will cease to be supported beyond the end of 2019 and in any case will no longer operate at all. Do not attempt to operate these earlier versions in 2020 or beyond or you will corrupt your database. Your current version number can be found from the main menu under Help/About.

For those who already have any version of 18.1 you will be automatically upgraded for free to Version 18.1e. If you have Version 17.1 or earlier then if you wish to continue to use Insight Trader you must upgrade to version 18.1. This can be done at any time from now on by ordering an upgrade to v18.1 from our website. If you have Version 17.1 please order an upgrade by clicking the link here. If you have a version earlier please order an upgrade by clicking the link here.

Please keep your Version 18 regularly updated by clicking the Spiderweb toolbar button from the main toolbar within the program. Important updates are free so activate the Spiderweb every week or two.

On 20 May 2019 Bernard Chapman will give a presentation at the Sydney ATAA meeting:

How I Choose Stocks and Manage Portfolio Performance.

This presentation represents a confession of his trading technique and performance over the last 7 years. He will take you through his own personal superannuation portfolio and show you how he uses Insight Trader to choose stocks for inclusion and how he uses the equity curve of the portfolio to monitor its performance against a benchmark.

Please see the ATAA website for details.

Mobile: (0409) 512932 

Postal Address: PO Box 315, Blaxland, NSW 2774

Insight Trader version 18.1

We are pleased to announce the release of the new Insight Trader version 18.1. To learn about the exciting new features download the following recent multimedia presentations to the Sydney Insight Trader User Group click the following link: 
(i) Insight Trader version 18.1 and (ii) Using Velocity and Behaviour
Also available is a PDF document explaining in detail the many enhancements that we have introduced. If you are an existing IT user you can order your upgrade click here: Upgrading from version 17.1 or Upgrading from a version prior to 17.1. If you are not yet an Insight Trader User click here to find out more: Insight Trader 18.1

As you know we are committed to providing you with tools to simplify and speed up your analysis of the markets and most importantly of all to assist you to improve your overall performance. Insight Trader version 18.1 provides a whole raft of new features. The new enhancements have in fact been specifically driven by our own personal trading experience and we have implemented changes in the program that we ourselves have required in order to achieve our own investment end objectives.

To this end we researched different trading strategies by setting up and trading a real experimental portfolio that was established in October 2012 with $100,000 cash. It employed a strategy that attempts to identify stocks that are (i) financially sound (ii) well behaved and (iii) are rising strongly in price. As a result of this work we have developed two new proprietary performance indicators that we have made global throughout the software – Velocity and Behaviour.

What was also emphatically clear to us during this process was how critically important it is that you closely monitor and benchmark the ongoing performance of your portfolio as a whole and so we have now tightly integrated the Portfolio Manager with the Charting functions to help you reach this objective. 

A multimedia presentation given to the Sydney Insight Trader User Group is available for free download which discusses the various Triggers for Entry and Exit to trades in the form of signals and stops. The different approaches of three prominent traders - Colin Nicholson, Alexander Elder and Alan Hull are compared. This talk joins three previous FREE seminars that you can also download and study in case you may not have been able to attend in person. Take advantage of these talks that will eventually cover a variety of topics.

Are you looking for a Standalone Portfolio Manager but do not require sophisticated technical analysis and charting capabilities as well. Then we have good news for you with the introduction of our new Insight Trader Special Edition package. This package provides simplified streamlined charting but at the same time can be optioned together with our fully featured Portfolio Manager or the Systems Scanner. Prices start from $295.


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